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September 24, 2022

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King & queen
of the watershed

This race will consist of 5 stages using the following trails: 

Stage 1:  Blue Heron & Reedy Fork (Route)
Stage 2:  Wild Turkey (Route)
Stage 3:  Country Park (Route)
Stage 4:  Owls Roost & Shady Side (Route)
Stage 5:  Big Loop & Little Loop (Route)

The race loops will be timed but the sections leading to each trail will not be timed. The total race length counting non-timed segments is approximately 30 miles.  YOU MUST RACE STAGES IN ORDER FROM 1-5 because we have cutoff times.  Don't want to race all the segments? No problem. When you're done then head on back to the shelter at Bur-Mil for food and fun.  We've also added a "Just Ridin' Along" category for those who want to participate, but not actually race.  

The event will begin at the Blue Heron Trailhead parking lot off Yanceyville Street. Shuttles will take riders and their bikes to the trailhead from the pool parking lot at Bur-Mil Park.  You should get to the shuttle area at least 30 minutes prior to your wave going off.  You are welcome to ride your bike to the Stage 1 start area at Yanceyville Street if you like.

You will be on some roads, so blinkie lights are highly recommended.  A police officer will be at busy crossings but still be careful when crossing.


This is a family-friendly event.  We will have food, beer, music, bouncy houses, a kids race and more.

Heading 3


September 24, 2022

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This is a fund-raiser for the Piedmont Fat Tire Society to raise money for trail building and maintenance.  It's also a way to say thanks for all the hard work PFTS does by showcasing all the watershed trails in the area.


Each racer will receive a meal ticket with their entry fee.  Additional meal tickets can be purchased online or at the event.  There will be food, beer and a band at Shelter 2 after the race.


WH/GF/BN is offering great payout for the event again this year.  We will pay 3-deep in Expert and 5-deep for other categories this year.  We'll also have some cool swag and t-shirts for everyone who enters the race. 


This year the entry fee will go up a little to cover costs.  But everyone who enters gets a free t-shirt.  The price this year is $65 and will increase to $75 on September 1 and then goes to $85 the week before the race, so sign up early.  We will cap the race at 200 racers again.


We will have a water station (with plenty of water this year) at the Dasani shelter between Wild Turkey and Owls Roost.  There will also be some snacks at the station.  Riders are ultimately responsible for any food.  You must finish on the bike you started the race on!

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September 24, 2022

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10:00 AM WAVE

  • Beginner Men 19-39

  • Beginner Men 40-49

  • Beginner Men 50+

  • Beginner Women 19-39 (New in 2022)

  • Beginner Women 40+ (New in 2022)

  • Super Seniors (60+)

  • Juniors 15-18 

  • Juniors 14 & Under

  • Just Ridin' Along

11:00 AM WAVE

  • Sport Men 19-39

  • Sport Men 40-49

  • Sport Men 50+

  • Sport Women 19-39 (New in 2022)

  • Sport Women 40+ (New in 2022)

  • Clydesdale

  • Singlespeed

12:00 PM WAVE

  • Expert Men 

  • Expert Women 

  • eBike Class (New in 2022)


September 24, 2022

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STAGE 1:  Blue Heron/Reedy Fork

  • Start at Blue Heron Trailhead, cross Church Street (Police will be there directing traffic), finish at Reedy Fork off Lake Brandt Road

  • CONNECTOR: Ride up Lake Brandt Road to Lake Brandt Marina​

STAGE 2:  Wild Turkey

  • Race Wild Turkey from Lake Brandt Marina to the greenway

  • CONNECTOR:  ​Take a left on greenway and follow it all the way to  the trailhead at Safety Town (3110 Forest Lawn Dr, Greensboro, NC 27455).  There is a water station at the Dasani Shelter a 1/10th of a mile from the Wild Turkey finish.

STAGE 3: Country Park

  • Start and finish at the Safety Town trailhead.

  • CONNECTOR:  Ride the greenway back towards Bur-Mil Park.  Enter Owls Roost on the south side where the wide bridge is located (Near the long fire road up to Shady Side).

STAGE 4:  Shady Side/Owl's Roost​

  • Start at the bridge.  Go up the first, long fire road.  Ride Shady Side.  When you come out of Shady Side you continue on Owl's Roost Clockwise and race back to the bridge where you started.

  • CONNECTOR:  Exit Owl's Roost towards the greenway and back towards Bur-Mil park.  You will ride up Owl's Roost Road and enter the park by the swimming pool and go back to the shelter where the food and music are located.  You will see the start/finish inflatable arch. 

STAGE 5:  Big Loop/Little Loop

  • You will ride Big Loop counterclockwise to the greenway.  You will take a right on the greenway and go to Little Loop.  You will enter Little Loop beside the shelter.  You will take a left turn at the top of Little Loop and come back down the trail to the entrance where there are rocks by the greenway.  You will take a left and continue back down the greenway to the entrance to Big Loop (two-way traffic for about 50 yards) where you came out of the trail.  You will ride the second half of Big Loop back to the start/finish area.  Then you're done.  Have some food, beer and lots of fun.