Lake Norman State Park. October 5, 2019

For our 2019 race season we are cutting down to 3-hour and 4-hour race options.  All 3-hour races are for solo riders only.  The 4-hour option can be solo or a duo team this year.  All race categorie will start at 10 am.  Racers must finish their last lap within their within their respective race time or their last lap will not count.

Lake Norman

We will be using Hawk and then Monbo Loops for this race.  This year the park requires everyone to go counterclockwise.  The race will start and finish in the parking lot of the visitor center.  Registration opens at 9 am.


  • 3-Hour Solo Female 40+

  • 3-Hour Solo Female Open

  • 3-Hour Solo Male 40+

  • 3-Hour Solo Male Open


  • 4-Hour Duo Open

  • 4-Hour Solo Men

  • 4-Hour Solo Women